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The Company : 
KEW Casters is a wholly Indian, Independent company based in Delhi, India. The company specializes in the design, construction and operation of Continuous Casting Equipment for the non-ferrous metal industries & jewelry Industry.

Continuous Casting Machine:
The KEW Casters mark Horizontal Continuous Casting Machine is Heated electrically through graphite resistance elements. The crucibles & Die Assembly are also manufactured in high grade graphite. Integrated melting and casting are carried out in an inert gas (n2) Atmosphere. Thus minimizing melting losses, and purifying the molten metal and protecting vital components from oxidation. The crucible may be expected to have alife of seversal years and the die four to six weeks continuous running.

Raw material may be ingot, scrap or dwarf and is filter fed into the top of the machine at approximately 15 minutes intervals; standard machine capacity is 2 tonnes per 24 hours period. Though machines with greater or smaller capacities may be built.

Metal & Alloys:
All castable non-ferrous metals, including among others stamping & machining brasses, manganese brass, gun metals, tin bronze, phosphorous bronze, copper, DHP copper, tekurium copper & alloys of Tin & Zinc, also Silver and gold all type Gold Carats – 10 to 24 carats, silver, sterling silver, 80:20 Silver etc.

Round bars, tubes, strips & profile solutions

Product Quality
Quality of Rods, strips, tubes products produced by the viva casters systems has been found to be very satisfactory in a wide range of applications over the last 20 years.