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Metal Briquetting Machine

Hydraulic Metal Briqueting Machine made available by us is used in process of recycling for :

  • Steel turnings
  • Cost iron bearing
  • Copper or brass powder
These efficiently handle the demands of filling bulky ore in melting furnace efficiently. As baling is no solution due to its great elasticity, here Briquette's are used in process of recycling:
  • Steel turnings
  • Cast iron bearings
  • Copper or brass powder
Before turnings can be briquetted, these must be chopped, shredded or broken when these become dense. The process involves double treatment where high pressure is exerted on small area. With this being a costly process, you need our machines for greater process efficiency and achieve standard briquette sizes of 12 to 15 cms (diameter) & 10 cms (length). 

Helping in increasing bottom-line profitability, these hydraulic briquette machines are used to efficiently turn compact briquettes from:
  • Industrial turnings
  • Filings
  • Chips
  • Clippings
  • Metallic dust from copper, brass, aluminum and other metals
With end compact briquettes achieved that are worth more than non-compacted soap metal, these machines also help in reducing waste. 

The use of hydraulic briquettes can also:
  • Minimize hazardous liability exposure
  • Recover more culling fluids
  • Squeezing out harmful coolants from metal shavings, thus creating briquettes typically holding very less moisture percentage
  • Lowers transportation and material-handling costs having volume-reduction rate of up to 8:1 (rate depending upon metal type)
  • Allowing recycling of greater amount of scrap per load with easy-to-ship briquette
  • Increasing available floor space and allowing saved scrap-storage space into revenue-producing manufacturing areas